Best ergonomic office chairs


More and more people have back problems due to the demand for more sedentary jobs that make us spend most of our time sitting.

In most cases we cannot leave these jobs and the solutions that remain are to choose a good ergonomic chair, exercise at home and adopt correct postural hygiene.

In this article I will show you the best ergonomic office chairs with ergonomics and comfort in mind so that you have the greatest possible well-being. You can also see the buying guide to solve the most common questions.

Comparison of the best ergonomic office chairs

In this table you will find a comparison of the top of the best cheap ergonomic chairs with the most important aspects related mainly to adaptability and comfort so that you can adopt work or rest positions depending on the task you perform.

Tips before buying an ergonomic chair

Before deciding which ergonomic chair to buy, I will give you some advice so that you can make a good decision.

Back Width

Few usually set this measurement and it can vary a lot from one office chair to another. A 12-year-old girl is not the same as a 2-meter-tall man. If you are corpulent, make sure that the backrest is straight (not like in gaming chairs where many curve your back) and that it is at least 45 cm long

Material quality

Another element that seems important to me is that after trying several desk chairs, I have noticed that over time some wear out more than others, especially if you are a corpulent person. The mesh-type ones are usually more delicate than the leather ones, but they have the advantage that they are less hot in summer. Also that the padding is medium-hard and that the weight supported is at least 150 kg will make them more durable.


This may seem obvious, the more adaptable, the easier it will be for you to adopt an ergonomic posture. There are ergonomic chairs designed for people over 175 cm and others for shorter people. Check the height of the backrest and how high the headrest would be. In most ergonomic desk chairs, the height of the seat and the inclination of the backrest are usually adjustable. The best models have the possibility of adjusting the lumbar area to relieve the tension of the lower back and the headrest, both in height and in angle.

With or without support?

I know there are detractors of this type of Swedish ergonomic chairs, also called kneeling chairs . The truth is that for some people they can come in handy and for others not so much. I would not recommend them for people with a lot of weight or knee problems and I would recommend them for those who have weak muscles in the back and have to strengthen their lower back. If you investigate you will see that many people with herniated discs are much better in this type of chair.

 Sihoo M18 : The best ergonomic chair

As strong points in this ergonomic chair I would highlight its great adaptability and breathability. The backrest is adjustable and lockable to any position up to 125º, the headrest is adjustable both in height and in angle (45º), the armrests are adjustable in height (6 cm), longitudinally 5 cm and 36º of rotation and the lumbar area is adjustable. vertically and horizontally to exert more or less pressure depending on your needs.

With all this I want to highlight that it is the most adaptable ergonomic office chair that you can find at these prices, recommended for tall people and that it undoubtedly has all the options for you to adopt the best possible posture.

As a weak point , the seat has a medium-high hardness and although this is not comfortable for some users, it provides greater durability. The price may be higher than in other models but you are paying for the great adaptability in all areas.

Umi : high-end ergonomic chair

The first thing that caught my attention about this ergonomic chair is the 3-year guarantee , something that says a lot about the quality of its materials.

The other point to highlight is the design of the lumbar area, which is more inward than other models and invites you to adopt a more ergonomic posture.

On the other hand, the backrest is adjustable and lockable in 3 positions (102º, 110º, 120º), the first corresponding to work and the other 2 to take short breaks

Stokke Varier Balans : Ergonomic chair for back pain

This is the typical ergonomic chair that at first glance seems uncomfortable, but if you are one of those people who have back problems and have tried several ergonomic chairs without success, I recommend that you try this model.

In my case I have tried all kinds of ergonomic chairs, both with backrest and without backrest. Well, today this is the model I use daily . One of the advantages compared to other ergonomic chairs without a back is that you can balance yourself and this allows you to better distribute the pressure points . You can also support one knee while the other rests, something that most cheap ergonomic kneeling chairs do not allow.

Then there is the issue of padding , which is very important in this type of chair. After comparing the Stokke varier with other budget models, I have noticed a big difference in comfort. They are not chairs for very heavy people, but in my case with 80 kg of weight, I have not had any problems and they seem comfortable.

IntimaTe: cheap ergonomic chair

As strong points in this ergonomic chair I would highlight its economical price, comfort and breathability. The armrests can be folded which makes it ideal to be able to stick to the desk without having to adjust its height and thus be able to have a correct working position.

In addition, it has an ideal lumbar support for people who suffer from low back pain, since it reduces the tension accumulated in that area when we spend a lot of time sitting.

As a midpoint , the backrest reclines, but it is not lockable to the position that one wants but only in a vertical position (90º) so you do not have as much adaptability as in other models, although it is enough to adopt an ergonomic and healthy position in the worked.

As weak points, the wheels are not silent, although you can change them and it is not suitable for tall and corpulent people since we would need a more robust and larger chair.


The reason it can be used for so many different things is because of its great adjustability. The backrest is fully adjustable from 90º to 150º so you can take short breaks between work or play sessions.

It also has a tilting seat that can be locked in any position, something that is often used a lot if you have long legs and if you like to work with a straight back, but with a slight backward tilt.

Another feature that I really liked is that the armrests are adjustable in all ways (front, back, sides and angle) in such a way that it is much easier to adopt an ergonomic and comfortable position in front of the desk.

The most negative aspects regarding high-end ergonomic office chairs would be that the cervical area is not adjustable and neither is the lumbar area. To relieve pressure in these areas, it has 2 padded cushions that are comfortable, but they are especially so in resting positions or leaning slightly back.

Buying guide  for ergonomic office chairs

Important aspects to buy an ergonomic office chair

Below we will see the most important points that you have to look at before buying an office chair.

Maximum weight supported

There are ergonomic office chairs that are more robust than others and depending on your weight, it is recommended that you buy one that is more or less resistant.

Most of these office chairs have a minimum load capacity of 135 kg, but the reality is that if you are a person of about 100 kg, these models will end up breaking in no time. Therefore, if your weight is high, I would always recommend those with a minimum load capacity of 150 kg.


An ergonomic office chair can have different types of backrest, so I will explain which one is best for you.

On the one hand, we find the ergonomic gaming chairs that are usually more sunken. What I mean is that the chair is designed to lean back a bit and not be totally straight. Although it can be used for work, they do not adopt such an ergonomic posture as office chairs designed for this purpose.

You also have to pay attention to the width of the backrest since some models could be small if you have a wide back. The ideal for bulky people is that the ergonomic chair has a backrest with a minimum of 50 cm.

The other feature you have to see is whether or not it is dimmable and by how many degrees. If you are looking for an ergonomic office chair to work, the ideal would be for the backrest to maintain a 90º position and for this position to be lockable. In case you like to take short breaks, I would recommend the ergonomic gaming chair models that recline up to 180º.

Advantages of buying an ergonomic chair to work

Whether you spend many hours teleworking or if you spend them playing board games , you will need an ergonomic chair so that later you do not get up in a thousand pains.

Let’s be clear, the body is not prepared nor has it evolved to spend many hours in the same position, let alone sitting.

The ideal would be not to have to use this type of chair if we were in constant movement all day as human beings did 10,000 years ago.

As in modern society this is inevitable, these chairs have been created to improve your body posture that provide:

  • Better alignment of the spine and thus reduce the origin of contractures caused by spins in the vertebrae.
  • Pressure relief in the lower back by supporting the back on a lumbar support
  • Height adjustment in order to improve the posture of the neck and head when looking at a computer screen for long hours
  • Armrest adaptability to allow the shoulders to remain relaxed and reduce tension

As a final note, I want to clarify the statement that an office chair can be good for one person and not another.

I think this is true for cheap models, but the highest-end ergonomic chairs stand out for their great adaptability of all parts, so it does not matter how big, small or corpulent you are.

Always look to buy an ergonomic chair that is highly adjustable and you will be guaranteed that it will be perfect for you and will help you with any muscular discomfort you may h


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